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Although there are links to other sites scattered throughout The Zoo Fence, we have four pages that are dedicated to links. They are: our “Links Page”, “My Space!”, “Eco-Links”, and “Thisenthat”.

· The Links Page is broken down into several categories (like Teachers, Paths, Poets, and so on), and consists simply of the names of websites and their URLs. Generally speaking, these are purely spiritually-oriented websites that are not commercial in nature.

· Most – but not all – of the links at My Space! are to sites whose primary function is to sell something, usually a book or a service. Among those, we are more inclined to include sites whose content offers some free experience to visitors besides the opportunity to spend money. The content we look for may take various forms. For example, there may be a series of essays or poems or perhaps an extended excerpt from a book advertised at the site. Or there may be an introductory explanation of the principles or tradition behind the product or service being offered for sale, something that is lengthy enough and informative enough that reading it alone provides a genuine learning experience for the visitor. Or the website may include a consideration by the promoter about how he or she discovered, happened upon, or created the product or service and how it changed his or her life. Or the site may be so imaginatively designed that simply browsing its pages rewards a visitor. Thus, we fully recognize that we all need to earn a living, and that web sites can help in promoting products. But we believe they should also serve as teaching tools. In addition, My Space! includes some sites that fall into no particular category, but which we simply like, and want to pass along.

· Our Eco-Links page offers links to websites whose focus is on the condition of planet earth and its inhabitants, and specifically on ideas related to our “Eco-Consciousness” page. This feature is new to The Zoo Fence, and is still looking for its limits. For now, we are defining its focus very broadly.

· The links at our Thisenthat page are to an assortment of useful or interesting or entertaining sites.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not accepting requests for link exchanges.

Thank you.

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Updated March 17, 2015