The Zoo Fence

You must seek
to be a blank slate.
You must desire
to remain unwritten on.
No choosing of this or that.
Not “I am good because.”
Nor “I am not good because.”
Neither excitement nor boredom.

Remaining Nothing,
An unchosen virgin,
And unchoosing too, just empty.
No story line by
which to start the day.
No identity enhancers nor losses
To make myself valuable or not.

Nothing interesting,
nothing uninteresting,
Neither against, nor for something.
Nothing to recall from yesterday.
Nothing to look forward to today.

Just me, naked, exposed,
No self to fix, change, or find,
Nothing to judge right or wrong,
Important or unimportant,
Worthy or unworthy,
I stand and wait,
neither powerful nor powerless,

For You to name me,
For You to look upon my face,
For You to write my script,
For You to give the kiss,
In your time and your way.

You always do.
And it is always so much better.

Richard Rohr


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